23 October 2012

Cooking Setas

spanish mushroom tapas
Walk past any Spanish greengrocer and you will usually see a box or a crate full of 'setas' or wild mushrooms. Setas in Spain are cooked very simply and make delicious tapas.

There is (should you have the space) also a very simple way to grow them... All you need is some fresh hay which needs to be dampened down and compressed then stuffed into black plastic (bin liners do the job), make a few holes in the top of the black plastic and watch em grow! Any existing spores will result in trees of mushrooms and it has to be said that compared to what you can buy in the supermarket, cut from from a home grown batch these setas are simply divine when it comes to flavour.

Cooking 'Setas' Simply:

1. Heat a good extra virgin olive oil in a terracotta cazuela or frying pan.
2. Separate the mushrooms and throw into the cazuela.
3. Season with cracked black pepper.
4. Fry for 3 - 4 minutes.
5. Serve on toast or with fresh crusty bread.

Easy tapas...

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