27 December 2012

Buttered Cazuela Carrots

Adding a knob of butter to carrots really brings their flavour to life, carrots are one of those vegetables that are usually resigned to peeling and boiling which is a shame as with very little effort they are easier to manage, serve and taste great.

For this very simple way of cooking carrots we used a terracotta cazuela although a tagine will do the job even better if only a small amount of carrots are required. These carrots were cooked as part of a Christmas day lunch so we used one of our larger 28cm cazuela dishes.


6 Carrots
75g (approx) butter


28cm Cazuela
Kitchen foil

How to Cook:

1. Take 6 large carrots, top and tail then cut into thirds.

2. Quarter each third into batons.

3. Place carrots into the cazuela and add butter.

4. Place kitchen over the cazuela and gently heat/steam for 20 minutes.

Simple dish, great flavour!

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