4 January 2013

Ham Bone Stock

making ham bone stock
Ham stock is the perfect base from which to make a hearty winters soup or broth. The bone from a traditionally cured Spanish ham can be used although it will need sawing into at least thirds so that it fits in the pan! For this simple stock we are using the bone again from a full leg but one that was cut in half by our local Spanish butcher before we wet cured the ham. See How to Cure Your Own Ham

Once the ham was spent and the last of the sandwiches made the bone went into a large pot:


Ham Bone
1 Onion
1 Carrot
3 Bay leaves
6 Peppercorns

The best way to make a good ham stock is to bring the water up to the boil, roughly chop all of the vegetables, tear the bay leaves and crack the peppercorns before adding everything to the water. The heat should then be turned down so that the liquid simmers for at least an hour. The ham bone pictured made approximately 2 liters of fantastic stock and there were of course all of those bits of leftover meat falling away from the bone to add to the flavour.

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