18 July 2013

En Orce hay más tranquilidad y mejor clima que en Newcastle

This is us posing for a photo amongst some of our ceramics for a journalist of the IDEAL newspaper after a visit to our new warehouse.  He came to talk to us about life here in Orce, why we came here, what we do, what we like and the differences in our way of life compared to our old home town of Newcastle in north east England.  The weather was an obvious point to bring up, especially as we are in the height of summer but we also mentioned how safe our boys are running around in the campo, how friendly and helpful people in our small village are and what we enjoy but also what we still find bemusing even after almost 10 years of being here. 

One point which we brought up was the infamous Spanish breakfast time when at 10 on the dot, no matter what people down tools, shut shop and disappear for half an hour for their bocadiilo!  Now there is nothing wrong with having a break and of course it is vital but when you choose to go to the bank (imagine a bank being shut with a notice on the door 'Gone for Breakfast)' at exactly that moment or a tradesman finally arrives after some days of waiting only to pop his head round the door, plug in an extension and then go away again for the best part of an hour, it can be very frustrating! Having said that we fully accept that this is how it is and it is part of the charm, our comments highlighted are more of an observation which has attracted a few comments since sharing the link!  Plus we wouldn't be without all the amazing tradesmen who have turned our new warehouse into a fantastic environment to work in and who probably wouldn't have been able to do so without a fortifiying breakfast...!

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