10 August 2013

Spanish Coffee in the US

spanish coffee usa
What a difference a few years makes... it is fair to say that the global economic climate has not done anyone any favours and unfortunately our local supply of Spanish coffee dried up completley by summer 2011. As a small business it is quite concerning when you see products vanish from suppliers shelves never to return and indeed see them eventually close the doors for the last time.

There are however always options and when it comes to looking after customers we prefer to under promise and over deliver. We are pleased to announce that Spanish coffee is back beginning with La Estrella and Marcilla brands, more variations are also on the way and we are confident that with our new supply your torrefacto will always be available. Incidently if you are a Saimaza fan (still available but not currently on the website) it may be worth noting that word around the camp fire here in Spain is that the Saimaza doors will be closing for good somethime soon if they have not done so already. A real shame to see one of the top brands go.

If you have any Spanish coffee enquiries please get in touch through Orce Serrano Hams

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