29 April 2008

Traditional Paella

Well! Wat can we say! The traditionally "poor mans" campo dish has been world famous now for years. There are many variations of a pealla - chicken, seafood, beef, pork, vegetable....in fact there isnt much you cannot include in a good old fashioned paella.

Why are we starting with a wicker basket full of pine cones? To cook the ultimate paella it must be heated over flame - forget your packet mixes and ready meals a real paella is an exceptionally versatile dish and something that nowadays is considered Spain finest gourmet dish. In Orce village we even have a "paella night" the biggest pan of paella you have ever seen and enough to feed up to 200 people!

The all important ingredients,

Heating up and that lovely smokey aroma

Adding the rice

Letting it bubble....

This paella was made by our Spanish neighbours over their barbeque. The paella is not just a dish but a social event where everyone gets involved in the cooking and prep. Tapas at hand all the way...

To see this paella being made stage by stage CLICK HERE

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