22 May 2008

Mixed Paella

Paella will probably be mentioned a few times on this weblog - and why not! Paella is the most versatile of Spanish dishes and almost any ingredient can be used or mixed...

Here we have a neighbourly get together with a mixed paella on the go, paellas in this garden are usually cooked over the fire but on this occasion the pan was so big it wouldnt fit so a gas burner it was. As with all Spanish meals the eating began late at around 10.30pm ish

Mixed paellas can encompass a whole range of ingredients, for this one it was chicken, pork, clams, prawns, mussels and cockles.

A real meal..... plenty of peppers, garlic, onion, stock and rice. No wonder we needed a big pan (14 people) Paella, Andalucias most famous recipe..

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