10 November 2008

Chestnuts & Brandy

Jerez brandy and roasted chestnuts, a combination of some real Christmas flavour and aroma. We once saw this very simple gourmet treat on one of Jamie Olivers programmes last December. Upon trying it we were convinced that it was up their with the best of seasonal snacks.

Here we have a Spanish chestnut pan, a frying pan with the base full of half inch holes for cooking chestnuts on the stove top or over the open fire.

So why the terracotta cazuela? Well thats for the brandy! Fill the cazuela with some decent jerez brandy (or whisky) and when your chestnuts are roasted through peel them, scewer with a fork or toothpick and dip in the brandy for a few seconds. Enjoy with some complimentary Spanish turron.

Wonderful flavour with of course the smell of roasted chestnuts throughout the house.

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