12 November 2008

Spanish Cheese & Wine

Spanish ham, a good red wine and a local cheese - the perfect tapas combination? This trio could well be that and would certainly be up there in the top ten tapas dishes. The reason is simple, each marries up perfectly with the other but for the Spanish gourmet enthusiast there are some taste notes to consider..

1) Queso de Leyva is a local sheeps milk cheese produced on a working farm near Gaudix in Andalucia. The cheese is quite mild but also comes sealed in olive oil - this would be our choice to compliment the jamon as you achieve some wonderful infused olive oils flavours.

2) Choosing serrano ham. Stronger serrano hams such as grand reservas go better with heavier more complex wines. Reservas and bodega hams go well with most wines but to find a good balance for this trio we suggest a reserva serrano ham.

3) Wine choice. Riojas and Riberas are some of the countries finest, something aged like a reserva Rioja but still quite fruity which develops well is an ideal candidate to complete the trio. Remember your ham slices should be left to breath too.

So there we have it, some authentic flavour from Spain which can be enjoyed at any time, gourmet tapas for any occasion.

More Spanish flavour coming up..

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