13 November 2008

Stuffed Pepper with Black Pudding

Spanish black pudding or "Morcilla" is a fantastic ingredient in many Spanish tapas recipes. Generally morcilla comes in a traditional sausage (strings of 6 -8) shape similar to chorizo and is packed with herbs and a hint of cinnamon. La Carniceria de Julian in Orce village make their own morcilla and always include walnuts which adds to the flavour. Here we have a simple dish using red bell peppers and black pudding.


Red bell peppers
3 Morcilla sausages
Rice (optional)

Slice the top of the red pepper and remove the seeds. Slice the morcilla sausage into half inch thick rounds and stuff these in the pepper. Place on a baking tray and cook in the oven on a moderate to high heat for 45 - 60 minutes.

Rice version: Split the morcilla sausage and mix well with cooked rice, stuff the pepper and cook for 45 minutes.

The sweetness of the red pepper goes really well with the black pudding - for a little extra "bite" you can always use a hotter, more spicy black pudding sausage.

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