3 November 2008

Spanish Delicatessen

Going W I D E R, as well as publishing recipes on Top Spanish Tapas we also like to keep our customers informed of the latest developments and what is happening in Granada Andalucia. This time its all a bit technical! To help improve our customers shopping experience we have widened the delicatessen web page to 1024px screen resolution..

What does this mean? Well, it creates more space compared to the original design thus allowing much larger images of Spain's local gourmet foods and also less work scrolling down a long page. It has also resulted in revised product descriptions on certain items such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines as well as gourmet olive oil.

Taking the opportunity of these changes we decided that a few new lines should be added - the latest being "Lingcod" eggs, a product similar to bacalao eggs but from a different fish which is neither a Ling nor a Cod! A top of the range tapa though with an exception flavour (recipe coming soon)

Another aspect of being busy implementing these changes means that we now have three dozen recipes on hold waiting to be published! Many of these dishes are "winter warmers" so stay tuned and see what we have coming up next...

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