20 January 2009

World Record Slice of Ham

Nicolas Jimenez set the world record for the longest carved slice of ham in Torrevieja a few weeks ago.

It was, wait for it.... 19 metres and 25 centimetres long. An oustanding achievment! The record ham slice weighed in at around 6 kilos and took 1hr 15mins to cut. The previous world record was only beaten by a mere 5 centimeters.

Fancy a go? I must have cut ham almost every week for the past five years here in Spain and this world record will be no easy task to try and beat. It is doubtful that you could achieve this with a serrano ham as the texture of the meat is very different (the iberico ham in the photo was a wallet busting 10kg)

Best left to the jamon experts then..! Records are there to be broken though, I wonder if the next slice of ham will be over 20 metres? Either way its a lot of tapas!

Iberico Ham in America


Foodista said...

That is amazing! That must be a sight to see...

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Foodista: A sight to see indeed! - a real pro at work, those ham slices were wafer thin! Thanks for passing by - a great site you have btw.


David Hall said...

bejeezus, how?!?! I would have loved to have tasted it regardless!


Orce Serrano Hams said...

Hi Chef, "How?!?!" Its some kind of ham carving isn't it! 19 meters of the worlds best, wafer thin, lovely!