12 February 2009

Spanish Food Glossary

Spanish cooking...Sometimes there are words or terms in recipes that not everyone will know, some Spanish terms have no direct translation or on occasion the obvious may not be so! ie: Melacaton - sounds like it could be melon but is actually peach.

In order to clarify this and create something that will assist our customers and blogger readers we have published a comprehensive Spanish food/cooking glossary, it is relevant to "Andalucia" so terms may not be "correct" ie in Northern regions but it does give a comprehensive guide from English to Spanish in general.

So, if you need to know your "gambas" from your "guisantes" CLICK HERE for the guide.

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David Hall said...

Nice one. i have great fun in my shows with the kids getting them to pronounce chorizo correctly. Geordie and Spanish just don't mix!


Orce Serrano Hams said...

David: I know what you mean, our 7 year old is like Julio Geordio :)