10 February 2009

Stocking Up

Its not every day we buy a turkey, usually at Christmas like everyone else but when we discovered that Julian our local butcher could get turkey all year round we decided to buy one and make it stretch as far as we could. At the moment we are up to 9 meals (family of three) including a traditional turkey roast, serrano ham and turkey hash and a rather large pie! The rest is in the freezer awaiting to be made into paella and all manner of tapas.

As with a chicken, turkey makes a fantastic stock - the foundation of any good paella. All you need is a pan big enough to put the carcase in.

For this stock:

2 large skinned onions quartered
4 unpeeled broken carrots
4 Bay leaves

Boiled up for a couple of hours this turkey with odds and ends of leftover veg has made roughly 18 litres of stock. Straight in the freezer ready for the next paella.


Shionge said...

Bet it is the tastiest stock ever :D

Anonymous said...

Turkey is really good value especiall in the month or so after Christmas.

Cutie said...

Wow... no wonder the paella taste so yummy!!! with the delicious tasty stock. THis is one of the dishes I love so dearly but yet to have try making it. I guessi t's because it's hard to get the ingrediants and it's also expensive over here in my country.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Shionge: Its nice, will probably keep us going for months!

Sheffy: Agreed, we paid 30 euros for this bird which weighed in at just under 8kg

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Cutie: Can you get paella rice? You could make a fantastic paella with all the seafood you have.