27 June 2009

Serrano Ham and Cheese

Serrano ham and Manchego cheese - perfect tapas? Well we think so although accompanied by a good red wine really does compliment the duo quite nicely!

Not that often we write a promotional post on this blog but for the benefit of our readers in the EU we thought this would be something worth letting you know about...

Meet the Serrano Ham "Anejo" translation into English roughly means "Aged". This ham is cured for no less than 24 months, weighs in at 8 kilos + and boasts a fabulous texture, flavour and aroma. One of the finest artisan hams from Granada.

So why the big fuss? Well, if you haven't visited our online Spanish Delicatessen yet the Anejo currently has 10% off its usual website price but that's not all...

Throughout the summer of 2009 the Serrano Ham Anejo also comes with a wheel of mixed milk Spanish cheese for your enjoyment - absolutely FREE! The cheese itself is a mixture of cows and ewes milk - perfect for tapas and a fine accompaniment to the grand reserva "jamon". What makes this offer even more attractive is that the cheese is a substantial 1.8 kilo's - a decent round of cheese that will accompany the ham from the first slice to the last. Tapas Perfection!

Take advantage of this fantastic offer and visit Orce Serrano Hams and have a browse through our Spanish ham and embutidos pages.

Serrano Ham Anejo

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