30 June 2009

Sobrasada and Honey

Sobrasada, the Mallorcan sausage...

Sobrasada is one of those unique delights from Spain which is still relatively undiscovered. Unique in both flavour and its somewhat strange appearance the sobrasada sausage is enjoyed all over Spain and goes exceptionally well with - Honey.

In fact its almost criminal not to have sobrasada with honey! The two flavours go so well together that there are not that many recipes out there for this sausage. Staying with the honey theme here we have one of the simplest sobrasada recipes available with an added twist of fruit...

Take one french stick and cut into slices and toast.

Spread a good portion of sobrasada on top of each toast.

Drizzle with honey.

Slice up a ripe kiwi fruit and place on top.

Serve and enjoy, a very Summery Spanish breakfast.


Easy Caribbean Shop said...

This is such a strange dish . Not sure if im brave enough to try it.


Orce Serrano Hams said...

Ian: Thanks for passing by the blog, if you get the chance to try it give it a go, you may be pleasantly suprised :)