25 June 2009

Serrano Ham Pieces

Serrano ham pieces are great if you don't need a full ham, they are of course boneless, easy to carve and unlike full leg serrano hams can be kept in the fridge. Looking after your ham piece is very simple and much the same as a full ham - simply rub a little olive oil over the most recently cut area, cover with a ham sock (tea towel works just as well) and place in the fridge for next time.

...If you have a friendly local butcher why not trade a few slices and get them to machine cut some of you ham piece, wafer thin slices with a nice Manchego and bottle or red...lovely!

Recipe: Serrano Ham and Pear Salad


100g Mixed salad leaves
1 Pear (sliced)
30g Toasted almonds (chopped)
Good splash extra virgin olive oil
Splash white wine vinegar
300g Serrano ham
100g Manchego cheese
Broad leaf parsley (chopped)


Mix the pear almonds and salad leaves in a large cazuela.

Whisk together the olive oil and vinegar, add to the salad and toss.

Cut your serrano ham into inch long (approx) slivers and spread around the salad with the cheese.

Scatter with parsley.

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