2 July 2009

Horchata de Valencia

Chufi Horchata - Horchata de Valencia

Wow its hot in England this week! Lets hope it stays that way for this weekends BBQ's, Wimbledon and generally a taste of summer - a bit of good weather to cheer everyone up after all of this years doom and gloom, stop reading the papers, turn off the TV and fire up the barby!

Here is a drink the Spanish enjoy, outside the bar or on the patio an ice cold Horchata hits the spot on a summers day....

Horchata de Valencia is made from "Tiger Nuts" and has a very unique flavour, milk shake consistency but very refreshing and very, very healthy.

Horchata is available in both "Original" and "Maestro" the latter being slightly thicker and having more tiger nuts in the recipe.

Lovely stuff for the hot weather and the kids will enjoy it too.

Fancy a glass? >>>

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