8 July 2009

Serrano Ham and Melon Tapas

Serrano ham and melon is a real classic here in Andalucia during the summer months. Very easy to make and incredibly healthy! The sweetness of the melon compliments the ham perfectly - an explosion of summer flavour! One other thing to consider with this dish is olive oil, a drizzle of extra virgin is always welcome with fruit as it really enhances the flavour.

No real recipe recipe required here as you can serve the melon sliced with ham in between or simply secure on cocktail sticks for summer tapas.

At the pool....Serrano ham and melon is a welcome tapa in the Spanish heat, particularly as the melon comes chilled...Great!

Fresh water spring on the outskirts of Orce village, full of fish! Nice to go early as well and have a few lengths in the pool, cold, but it does wake you up!

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