11 July 2009

Serrano Ham & Prawn Tostadas

Serrano ham and prawns... a land and sea combination perfect for summer tapas. This Spanish recipe adds a seafood twist to the humble "tostada" using sliced serrano ham, prawns, herbs and a simple toast with salsa. Very simple, very tasty. Enjoy!

Ingredients: (Makes 10 - 12 tapas)

10 Slices of bread (cut from a "barra" or French stick)
8 King prawns (peeled and prepped)
150ml tomato salsa
Sprinkle of Manchego cheese (finely grated)
3 Slices serrano ham cut into strips

How to cook:

1. Take your bread slices and spread the tomato salsa over each slice.

2. Carve two generous portions of serrano ham and cut into strips, place these on top of the salsa.

3. Arrange two king prawns on top of the serrano ham.

4. Grate a little manchego cheese over the top then add the basil - Oregano also works well.

5. Grill in the oven for 12 - 15 minutes.

"Pescados Molina" - A huge range of fresh fish and shellfish (and also recipe ideas!)

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David Hall said...

Oh for a plate of these and a cold beer right now.....