24 July 2009

Spanish Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs are ideal tapas and are very easy make. One egg makes two tapas so the main ingredient is good for doubling up as well. More recipes at Orce Serrano Hams online deli.

Ingredients: (24 tapas)

12 Large eggs
24 Anchovy fillets
Juice of 1 lemon
6 Tablespoons mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons English mustard
Cracked black pepper


1. Boil the eggs for 8 – 10 minutes.

2. Let the eggs cool then peel, slice in half – remove the yolks and place into a cazuela.

3. Arrange the egg whites on a large server/cazuela.

4. To prepare the filling add the mayonnaise, mustard, capers (optional), pepper and lemon juice to the egg yolks and mix well.

5. Fill the egg halves with the mix and place one fish fillet over each half.

6. Garnish with broadleaf parsley.

Cooling off...! Why not try your own "orange" take on Sangria? Filled with fruit and directly from the fridge served with ice. A real thirst - quencher!

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