26 July 2011

Kids Tapas

Kids tapas... tapas are great for kids, its the kind of finger food that even us adults love even to the extent that classy Spanish restaurants and tapas bars take the whole tapas culture way further and begin to dress up their tapas dishes, make them as fancy as can be and, dare I say it charge a fortune... This is not the way the tapas culture was expected to go, after all, in Spain tapas are just tapas but with the advent of celebrity chefs, modern times and the constant strive to make restaurants different with usp's, menu strategy, approaches to eating and all that stuff in this day and age could we expect any different? perhaps the whole 'tapas' culture is beginning to get a little lost in whole gastronomic scheme of things...

Of course our little feller Nico (18 months) pictured on the left doesn't understand any of that, he's just content with a plate jamon, a few crisps and an orange juice! The kind of simplicity kids love...and lets face so do the grown ups. Tapas are great for kids, an introduction to good food, a Spanish culture and in most cases healthy eating although I doubt Nico would be bothered about any of that either!

Getting kids in the kitchen always provides entertainment, its messy, challenging on occasion but always great fun. Spanish tapas are a great way of introducing non complicated but delicious food to the kids menu and us adults always know its better when you've cooked it yourself!

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