8 July 2011

Tapas and Chorizo

This month our 9 year old son Josh was itching to go out around the village with the video camera, the long summer holidays in Spain mean filling nearly three months with things to do and as the little guy has a healthy interest in our online deli he said he would ask the locals about their favourite tapas and chorizo. Great stuff! This is what happened.... Enjoy the video, mostly in Spanish with an English, Italian and French twist..!


Krimo said...

Very interesting, the old guy!
"Como lo cocina?"

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Krimo: Thats the old feller from the Orce fruit and veg market, the video 'un-edited' is even more interesting!

Louise said...

You have a documentary maker of the future there. Love the old guys and the one who likes beer! ;-)