1 August 2012

Butterflied Gilthead Bream

grilled bream

Barbequed gilthead bream is a very simple Spanish recipe and delicious during the summer months as a light lunch served with bread, olive oil and salad. This recipe can also be adapted to cooking the fish under the grill or on an “asadora” (grilling plate) over the hob or open fire. Gilthead is quite a meaty fish with large bones so ideal for grilling in this way. Easy and quick to cook the fish is firstly butterflied to reduce cooking time and enhance the smokey barbeque flavour.

You will need: (Serves 4)

4 Gilthead Bream
Olive oil


1.    To prepare the bream firstly cut off all the fins except the tail. Gut the fish then with a sharp filleting knife carefully run the tip of the blade along the spine of the fish taking care not to go through the topside of the fish. Once the main body of the fish is opened cut directly through head, gilthead bream is a robust fish you you may wish to use a heavier kitchen knife for this.

2.    Place the butterflied bream skin down on a hinged barbeque grill – make sure the grill is covered thoroughly in olive to prevent the fish sticking.

3.    Cook the bream over the hot coals for 5 minutes each side turning regularly.

4.    Serve with boiled potatoes, allioli and fresh salad.

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