6 September 2012

Bacalao Tapas

salt cod tapas
A simple yet extremely flavoursome tapas dish using Bacalao, or salt cod.  Salting and drying fish was the only means of exporting fish in the days before refrigeration but even in today's modern times, salt cod is still as popular as ever. In fact many people still prefer it to the fresh version as it is said that salting and drying preserves more nutrients and makes the fish even tastier. 


400g dried salt cod
flour for dusting
olive oil for frying
small bunch fresh chopped parsley
lemon wedges to serve


1. Prepare this dish 48 hours in advance by soaking the salt cod in cold water for 48 hours changing the water 3-4 times.
2. When the cod has been soaked, drain and dry on kitchen paper.
3. Carefully remove the skin and bones and then cut the cod into small bite sized pieces or thin strips.
4. Dust the fish pieces in flour, shaking off the excess and heat a small deep pan of olive oil until almost smoking.
5. Fry the fish in batches for a few minutes until crisp and golden.
6. Drain on kitchen paper, serve garnished with the chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon and the lemon wedges on the side.

Great with allioli, chunky tomato salsa or homemade coleslaw

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