2 September 2012

Pickled Cucumber Tapas

pickled cucumber tapas
Walk into any Spanish grocery store or indeed supermarket and you will find a whole range of pickled vegetables. Although you can buy a full jar of pickled onions on their own or gherkins the Spanish love to add colour and flavour through a 'banderilla' which basically involves both of the former vegetables accompanied by a fiery hit of green chili or 'guindilla', pequillo pepper, carrot or even a cube or two of Manchego cheese when preserved in olive oil.

The whole idea is to add another angle on the tapas experience which it certainly does but not every pickle needs to come in a jar from the supermarket, it can also come from the garden... For something home made and dare we say with a lot more character why not try your own pickled cucumber - quick, easy and a great addition to a cold beef sandwich or homemade burgers.


1 large cucumber
60ml/2 fl.oz white wine vinegar
50g/2oz sugar
1tsp salt


1. Peel the cucumber by holding upright and with your peeler go down the full length of the cucumber, then miss about 1cm and repeat so you end up with a stripy effect.
2. Top and tail and then slice the peeled cucumber as thinly as you can.
3. Place into a bowl then add the salt, leave for a few minutes then add the sugar and vinegar.
4. Mix well and then transfer to a glass or plastic container with a lid. Place in the fridge over night or for a few hours before serving.

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